Welcome to Advanced Hydrovac. We are your Great Lakes Area mobile hydrovac excavation service. We look forward to giving you a quote for your next hydrovac project. Hydrovac excavating often offers cost savings and time savings over traditional hand digging or mechanical excavation.

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Advanced Hydrovac Inc. is owned by Matt Bailey. Our team of operators have over 25 years of experience in the industry. Hydrovac excavation is a safe, reliable and efficient method of excavation. Daylighting with a hydrovac system is more efficient than hand digging. Do the Math - or give Advanced Hydrovac the chance to do it for you. Read more about our company here.



Hydrovac excavation uncovers your target, such as utilities and pipelines, to the daylight in a non-destructive manner by utilizing pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to clear away and remove earth and other debris. For more information about the capabilities of the hydrovac system read more here.



Our Hydrovac trucks produce up to 3500PSI of high pressure heated water with remote excavating capabilities of up to 300 feet. We have the ability to rotate the boom 320 degrees with up to 22' of extension and vertical digging up to 30'. Read more about our Hydro-Vacuuming equipment click here.



Please contact us about your project. Call owner Matt Bailey at 616-813-1388 or our Field Leader, Kyle Fisk at 616-835-6179.

We serve the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area and beyond with projects around Michigan, Ohio and the Great Lakes States.